Need Help???

Do you or your organization need assistance?

Lions members – men and women – provide immediate and sustained relief in time of disaster. We improve the quality of life in our local communities and countries worldwide by building parks and hospitals. We take on big projects like fundraising to contribute to a new recreational facility or help with smaller problems such as a family or person who needs financial assistance not covered by other agencies or organizations who specialize in these services.  

Our club has a criteria that is applied to requests for help from individuals and groups in our community.  As we are a service club, support for special situations or individuals can be made in the form of a fundraiser or manpower to help others who are hosting fundraisers. In order to ensure that all requests are dealt with impartially without favouritism, all requests for help from the Hanover Lions Club must be in writing. You may also email to make your request.  We have a club member who will contact you to get more particulars and will report back to the Executive at the next Executive meeting. Final decisions for assistance are made by the Executive of the club at one of their monthly meetings.  

Please note that if you have a Lions club situated more closely to you than the Hanover Lions Club, it is our preference that requests be made to the club that is the closest to where you live geographically.  Additionally, we strive to work with other local organizations who are funded for the purpose of helping others.  A good first step in finding help or support in our community is to dial "211".  

Larger areas of service include programs to educate and assist with health issues such as blindness, drug abuse prevention, childhood cancer, diabetes awareness and environmental issues.  For nearly 90 years, whenever there is a need locally or around the world, Lions are there to help.  

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